2 Cities, 3 Days, 3 Sweatshirts: How to Make A Sweatshirt Look Stylish While on The GO…

So…the weather has been normally mild this winter but this weekend is when the arctic blast really hit Philly and New York. I traveled to New York from Philly to take in some good food, shopping and art exhibits. I didn’t want to be overly dressed but I didn’t want to dress down to much and I wanted to most of be warm because I knew I would be doing LOTS of walking, so I decided to pack a couple of sweatshirts and go. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wearing a sweatshirt? Cozy, relaxed and most of all dressed down, however you can dress a sweatshirt up and make it look or down and still look comfortable and casual. I’m going to show you how in these 3 sweatshirt looks.

Friday: New York City

Day 1: So on this day I decided to take a trip to DUMBO in Brooklyn as well as a stroll across the historic Brooklyn Bridge, it was cold that morning and I wanted to stay warm but look chic and stylish doing it. So I paired this cozy Jackson Hole Sweatshirt with a pair of cropped Point Sur denim Jeans, Cashmere Sweater over top (all from Jcrew) and a tweed overcoat with fur collar (from Primark) and wool newsboy cap (from Gap) and my white booties (from Zara) complete the look.

Saturday: Philadelphia

Day 2: Today I am back in Philly after a day of sight seeing and shopping in New York. For some strange reason Philly is colder than New York, so today I am layered a little bit more than yesterday. For my Day 2 Look I paired my Power Woman Sweatshirt with a button up white cotton blouse with velvet bows (both from Jcrew), knit Allsaints skirt, waist leather belt bag (from Madewell), socks are by Mother Denim and are very thick and very warm, Dr. Marten boots, Checkered Top Coat (from Jcrew) and a knit beanie hat (from Madewell). The look remains edgy without being too overpowering, the coat balances out the look and gives it a slight elevation.

Sunday: Philadelphia

Day 3: For my last look for this busy weekend I decided to dress down a bit, its cold and I am showing my friend from out of town a great new bookstore that just opened, so its a sweatshirt, denim and sneaker type of day. I paired this soft cotton cream with rose gold writing sweatshirt (from Jcrew) I layered it with a white cotton pussybow blouse (from Jcrew) with a pair of high waisted cropped flared denim jeans (from Jcrew) rose gold Nike Cortez sneakers and a cream cotton beanie (from Madewell) to complete the look.

Sweatshirts are not just for dressing down but they can also be dressed up and worn in different ways. They are not just for lounging around in or running errands in, they can be styled and made to look stylish.

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    1. Hi Lisa
      The Powerwoman sweatshirt is still available, I saw a couple of the Jackson hole sweatshirts and the Beaute Sweatshirt when I worked the other night. Also try online maybe some available.

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