Valentines Day and Self Care……

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day that society deems you show the one you love how much you love them by showering them with gifts and attention. In my opinion Valentine’s Day is overhyped, if you truly love someone one day shouldn’t determine your feelings for them. When you love someone you show them how much you love them everyday.

For the single people out there do not let Valentine’s Day make you feel devalued or less than because you are single. Self care and self love are the most important things you can demonstrate to yourself, it is a must and there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and loving yourself. If you don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day, partake in some self care appreciation activities by booking a spa appointment and getting a massage or facial. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money you can visit a museum, curl up with a good book or run a nice hot bath, light some candles and relax.

Some of my favorite self care activities include, mani and pedi’s, visiting museum exhibits or reading a good book, as well as getting dressed and going out looking fabulous. One of My Self Mantra’s is “If You Look Good, You Feel Good”.

Remember that self care is the most important thing that you can do for self rejuvenation, not only for your mind but also your body and spirit.

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