3 Looks That Describe My Style Aesthetic……

My style fluctuates between hard and soft, feminine to slightly masculine, and most of the time I dress exactly how I feel when I wake up that morning. Dressing to match your mood is what I often go to. Some days I may feel super feminine, some days I feel preppy and sometimes I feel like a total tomgirl badass.

This faux leopard coat from Jcrew is a go to item in the fall and winter for me. I love to mix this coat with bright colors, for me leopard is always a neutral and basically a backdrop, the bold colors bounce off the coat and add a level of sophistication to the look I am going for.

My Allsaints Balfern leather motorcycle jacket and Doc Martens are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe, these 2 items are essential for me. They go with almost everything in my closet. A motorcycle jacket can give elevate any look and give it a little edge.

I love this Drake’s for Jcrew PJ look for the daytime or a night out on the town. I’ve worn this look in the office, sure it’s raised a few eyebrows but I managed to make it look elegant and classy. This wardrobe mainstay has taken me from work straight to an after work function with ease, yes it’s a little out there but that’s me, I like to push the envelope and boundaries with fashion sometimes. I don’t always follow what’s on trend at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with following trends but its always good to create your own style niche and lane.

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  1. Congratulations Mia. I love it, your drive, persistent, hope, and promise of a better tomorrow for everyone. Growing up with both your parents as I view your blog, listening to you speak with such an inner beauty about life, I see Mike and your Mom in your fashion style. I wish your much success, again congratulations. May a God bless you.

    Ms Jacky

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